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Spring Injuries

By Tim Sheridan
March 15, 2006

I was going for a little humor with yesterday’s blog title “Wood and Prior”, of course I wasn’t aware at the time that Prior had been shut-down in his bullpen session. The news on Mark Prior‘s shoulder issue wasn’t something the team wanted to talk about until the powers-that-be reached a consensus on how to explain the situation. The news of Prior’s problem never made it to the press box during yesterday’s game, and Prior left without talking to reporters.

Now both D-Lee and Prior are having their shoulder’s examined less than 3 weeks away from opening day. Trainer Mark O’Neal called Prior’s ailment “posterior cuff irritation.” Anytime I hear “cuff” as in rotator cuff used when talking about a pitcher it makes me cringe. Lee’s shoulder is bruised and has “a little bit of residual soreness,” he should be fine by opening day provided it is only “bruised.” The Cubs are being careful with these guys and have used the word “precautionary.” Only time will tell so I’ll take a wait and hope attitude.

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