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More Prospecting, With Cubs Den, MiCubs, and Video

By Tim Sheridan
February 25, 2014

I’m working with John Arguello over at Cubs Den on a feature about the Cubs top 35 Minor League prospects. If you aren’t familiar with John and the bloggers at Cubs Den, you should be. They do a great job of in-depth analysis of the Cubs, in this case a top 35 Cubs Prospects list. This is a coordinated effort, with John doing the write-ups, Brian Bedo of MiCubs producing a podcast, and me adding a video of each prospect. Each week or so we will release a group of five prospects, (this week #35 to 31), eventually moving down to the top 5 in the final group. Like myself, John and Brian love the prospects, and watch a ton of baseball. John’s in-depth write-ups in this series should not be missed!

The videos I’m adding for this series give you a look at each prospect (each player lasting about one minute), so each video group of five players lasts only about five minutes. The videos are a nice multi-media addition, but the player write-ups and podcasts go more in-depth…be sure to check them out! Here’s the video for prospects #35 to #31.




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