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It’s Time My Friends!

By Tim Sheridan
October 28, 2016

It's happening!
It’s happening!

Tonight the Cubs will play in a World Series game at Wrigley Field. I’m sure you are well aware it’s been 71 years since that last happened. This got me to thinking about – relationships. My parents were small children when the Cubs last played a World Series game at Wrigley, my great great Grandfather was living in Chicago and working on the Rock Island Line when the Cubs last won a World Series title in 1908. Focusing down to my own experience, I’ve started each baseball season for close to half of those 71 years announcing Cubs spring games. No matter what happens during the course of these World Series games, next spring I’ll be able to announce the Cubs as National League Champions! I can’t describe the pride I will feel saying that over the Sloan Park sound system. However, I don’t want to say “National League,” I want to use the words – World Champion Chicago Cubs!

Last night my mind was racing, I thought of all the amazing people I’ve met over the years through the Cubs, so many friendships because of this Chicago Cubs experience we share. And honestly, whether the Cubs win it all this year, or in the future, these relationships are what really matters in life. I’m not saying I won’t go crazy when the Cubs win it all, or shed tears, or binge drink for days then wake up next to Harry Caray’s headstone, but honestly it’s all the Cubs fans I’ve met and become friends with that I’ll be thinking of when the momentous moment happens. This is our time! Go Cubs! #FlyTheW

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