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Hey Hey, It’s Heyward Hitting – With Video

By Tim Sheridan
January 11, 2017

First off, I need to thank all of you who have wished me well, or had me in your thoughts or prayers after my injuries of ten weeks ago. I’m happy to report, I’m nearly fully recovered, feeling fantastic, and ready for the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs to report to Mesa for Spring Training next month! World Series Champions, I don’t think it’s still completely sunk in yet. However, every time I say World Series Champion, or World Champion Chicago Cubs, it always seems to finish with an uncontrollable smile on my face.

I sure wish I could join the rest of the dedicated fans at Cubs Convention in Chicago this weekend, unfortunately I’m not going to make it. The sting of not going is eased by sunshine and 70 degree temps here in AZ. That, and knowing that Cubs Pitchers and Catchers are arriving soon (February 14), and that I’ll be around the Champs on a near day to day basis for a month and a half starting in February. Some of the players are already here in AZ. You may have heard that Jason Heyward bought a home in the Phoenix metro area, and that he’s working on retooling his swing. I was over at Sloan Park yesterday and watched Jason work and took a little video (below).

Every swing in the video is a separate swing, no repeats. Heyward was working with Assistant Hitting Coach Eric Hinske and Mental Skills Coordinator Darnell McDonald. Much of what I saw was Heyward hitting off a tee from various spots in and around the batter’s box. Not sure of the intricacies they were working on yesterday, or how it plays into his new swing adjustments. At any rate, John Arguello discusses Heywards swing in this blog at Cubs Den, and you can see for yourself in the video. What I do know, it’s great to see Heyward here and working hard to improve. It’s this kind of desire and dedication during the off-season that helps make Heyward so respected in the locker room.

I’ll be back doing my thing here on the BOS website while the Cubs are in AZ during spring training, so be sure to check in often. Enjoy Cubs Convention, if you are going! If not, enjoy some Cubs video from sunny Mesa!


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