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Fun With Cole

Forget about baseball instituting new rules

By Tim Sheridan
Photography by John Antonoff
March 19, 2019

Sometimes you just need to forget about baseball instituting new rules, or Mike Trout and the Los Angeles Angels finalizing a $430 million deal, the largest contract in professional sports history, or that spring training has become big business. Sometimes you just need to forget all that and enjoy a day at the ballpark.

Cole clobbers it on his first swing in a game at Sloan Park

Cole Roederer did that. The Cubs compensatory 2nd round selection (77th overall) in the 2018 draft got the call up to Sloan Park today. The 19-year-old prospect crushed an 8th inning HR in the Cubs 6-4 victory over the Mariners. Cole is a legit prospect as MLB Pipeline explains “Roederer added noticeable strength in 2018 and could become a .300 hitter with 25-homer power if everything comes together for him. He has advanced bat-to-ball skills, a disciplined approach and a quick left-handed swing that produces impressive exit velocities. He’s presently a solid runner with the savvy to steal a few bases.”

I like hearing that Roederer may have potential of one day making it to Wrigley, but that is down the road a bit. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment!

Yes, that happened
A little love from Butter
After game flex
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