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Eye on Prior

By Tim Sheridan
February 23, 2006

With all the Mark Prior (see pic) Hubbub, today I thought I’d keep a close eye on the big hurler. It wasn’t his day to throw, so I followed him through the usual spring drills. He doesn’t look weak to me, maybe a couple pounds lighter and was throwing fine to the different bases in all the drills. He never put alot of mustard on his throws like some other pitchers, but that doesn’t tell us squat. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow, when he’s scheduled to do live pitching, for some real Prior news.

Fitch Park is not quite as fan friendly this spring, as the Cubs or the City of Mesa (?) have added extra tarps on the fences around home plate, limiting the fan’s view of the 4 fields to the small bleacher areas. They have also moved their barriers in, cutting off any access to the outfield areas where fans previously could stand and watch through the fence. I’ll try to get to the bottom of this knot-hole reduction plan.

Watching pitchers field grounders over and over again can be a little ho-hum- but not when Greg Maddux is putting his glove to work. In this particular drill, the pitchers were coming up to field bunts bare-handed or with their glove and then tossing home. Maddux repeatedly scooped the ball, tossing it from his glove accurately to home plate all in same motion, never using his throwing arm. This prompted a fellow pitcher to ask him; “do you have a special glove for that?”.

Mark Prior participating in drills today at Fitch Park

~More tomorrow~

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