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Darwin and the Evolution of 2nd Base

By Tim Sheridan
January 31, 2012

Darwin Barney all smiles today

Spectacular weather here today in Mesa -72 degrees and plentiful sunshine. A pretty uneventful day at Camp Bussie, the usual workout but without Manager Sveum in attendance. Darwin Barney was working with the group today, he and Zeke DeVoss were taking infield at 2nd base. While Barney is familiar to most Cubs fans after last season, DeVoss not so much having only been in the Cubs organization for less than a year after being selected in the 3d round of the 2011 June draft.

DeVoss is a kid you may want to keep an eye on, he is projected as top of the order second baseman or outfielder offering speed and good defense. DeVoss is certainly a Theo Epstein type player, in fact Epstein drafted Zeke for the Red Sox out of high school in 2009 but DeVoss chose to go to the University of Miami instead. Speed and defense are not his only attributes, he is a patient switch hitter with intelligence and discipline. DeVoss played two years at Miami, as a sophomore he led the Canes with a .340 batting average and hit a scorching .560 that year in the post season.

DeVoss makes the flip to second

Look for DeVoss to be on the Cubs organizational fast track. In his first year in the Cubs farm system he stole 16 bases in 20 attempts, had a .458 OBP, while batting .309 in 187 plate appearances between AZ Rookie ball and Boise. The 21 year old will need a couple years of seasoning in the minors but he has everything that the new Cub Theo-crats are looking for. There is also the coolness factor of having a guy named Zeke on your roster.

DeVoss unintentionally provided one of the exciting moments of the day by running hard toward right field attempting to make an over the shoulder grab when his cleat stuck in the grass. He made the catch but came down awkwardly falling to the turf. He got up smiling and began running gingerly toward the infield only to stop and take inventory of his knee. As it turned out everything was fine but it was hold your breath moment for the staff.

As many of you know we are in the process of updating the BOS website and making some technical changes that will enhance your experience here. We will also be making an announcement soon that I hope will be of interest to all Cubs fans, so stay tuned for that sometime this week!

Here’s a few of my photos from today ~

Barney makes the flip
I love watching Campana, he goes after everything shagging bp
DeVoss slips making catch
And goes down hard but is ok
During bp Barney goes off the wall 
Can’t make the grab, looks for a clean landing


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