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Curses, Manny, Rizz & Ry

By Tim Sheridan
October 5, 2016

si-cubs-2016-cover-eI try not to read articles about Cubs curses and the rest of that baloney, but sometimes I get sucked in. Like when Sports Illustrated did an interview yesterday with a Chicago Psychologist about supposed curses. You can see it here. The interview is less about the Cubs alleged curses and more about the mental ramifications on a city and fan base, and what would likely happen if the Cubs win it all. Of course the Cubs are also on the cover of SI, so you know what means. As you probably guessed by my original “baloney” comment, I don’t believe any of that curse stuff.

It’s very appropriate and yet somehow feels a little odd to use a quote from Cubs batting consultant Manny Ramirez, who helped break the supposed “Curse of the Bambino” with Boston in 2004…but since he was World Series MVP that year, he’s probably got some insight. Ramirez said, “I don’t believe in curses, I think you make your own destination.”

Baseball wise, I believe in a solid organization top to bottom, quality management, and great players who play well in all situations – especially when the pressure is on. Is that the 2016 Cubs? We shall soon see. As of now this Cubs team seems to have those components, but the playoffs are a whole different animal. I’m cautiously optimistic on the Cubs chances as we get ready to find out tonight who the Cubs first playoff opponent will be, the Giants or Mets.

Speaking of pressure in October, here is a very cool video done by METRx with Addison Russell.

Sure there is a little something in the back of my brain that says, Tim don’t get too far ahead, bad things can, and always seem to happen to the Cubs. But it feels different now…this isn’t your dad or granddad’s team, the one that didn’t win a divisional title for almost 40 years between 1945 and 1984. This is a new generation of Cubs player, uber talented, young, hungry, who probably don’t know, or care, what happened in 19-whatever! And quite frankly, right now I don’t care either. All the history is irrelevant to the task at hand.

rizz1-fbDon’t get me wrong, I love history, and that of the Cubs, baseball, and the world for that matter. Heck, I’m a museum official and historian for the awesome AZ Spring Training Experience and Cactus League Hall of Fame for crying out loud. It’s great stuff! And I’ve extensively researched history on Cubs spring training, and what the Cubs did when they last won the World Series while holding spring training in West Baden Springs, Indiana. Yup, I went to West Baden Springs, Indiana to find out what the Cubs did during spring training prior to the 1907 & 1908 seasons. To try and understand what helped make them champions. More on that later. Today is about the now, finding out who the Cubs will play on Friday…A game I’ll be at! Sitting in the Friendly Confines thanks to some awesome people in the Cubs organization!

Working with such great people through the years as the Cubs spring training Public Address Announcer is a huge part of why I want to give back by donating to the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation. Also, because Anthony and his foundation do such incredible work and put much time and resources into fighting cancer! So help us, help the foundation by purchasing a download of our Cubs rock anthem Clear The Way for $1.29 through SendOwl. All PROCEEDS until 10-9-16 are going to Anthony’s foundation. Give a little and feel good, and get a cool song that was played at the start of this historic season during Cubs spring training.

Ry the RB
Rylie the RB

I need to give a shout-out to my cousin Rylie Sheridan who after 5 games is the leading rusher in the state of Minnesota for High School football with 874 yards. Ry also has 12 TD’s for his undefeated Fergus Falls team. I think he may be an even better hockey player though. I knew this kid was a special athlete when he was teaching me the art of how to do a proper front and back flip on the trampoline when he was 4 years old. rylie-sheridan-football


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