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Cubs Set Record

By Tim Sheridan
March 31, 2005

No Sosa, no problem–drawing fans that is. Another full house at HoHoKam 12,763 helped set a new all-time major league record for spring training home attendance: 193,993. Of course, the previous record was set by the Cubs fans last spring. The HoHoKams swear, these record breaking numbers have not been pumped up with attendance enhancing drugs- Just the pure dedication of the best fans in baseball!

Ok, so the Cubs lost to the Diamondbacks today 8 – 6. This wasn’t the team we will see next week when they play the DBacks for real, more like Willy Wonka and the Koronka’s.
Cubs didn’t want Maddux to face the DBacks today, so they threw him in a minor league game instead. John Koronka got the start, and managed to go 3 2/3 giving up 8 hits and 4 runs. Cubs regulars played 5 innings. It must be admitted that the Diamondbacks didn’t bring up all their starters from Tucson either.

At one point before the game there was a very long line to get Ron Santo’s autograph. Trouble was, Ronnie wasn’t there! I noticed while they were all waiting in a line to an empty booth that Ryne Sandberg and Billy Williams were right down by first base autographing away. I had to tell them no Ron today.

Once Spring training starts, it seems to go by so quickly every year. I’m always sad to see them go, but happy to start the regular season. With Prior coming along(crossing the fingers),Woody’s strong last outing, and good news on Borowski‘s faster than projected recovery, this should prove to be an exciting season. Cubs are headed up to Las Vegas for a couple final Cactus League games against Seattle. You can catch Mark Prior pitching Saturday at Fitch Park in Mesa at 1pm.

I’ll put together my spring season recap blog within the next couple days. Talk to you then,
Nomar makes the play – today

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