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Cubs Get Their Man, Again

By Tim Sheridan
December 7, 2006

The money continues to flow as the Cubs spend $40 million big ones on pitcher Ted Lilly, is this the Cubs or the Yankees? This is serious money for a pitcher who has a career win-loss record of 59-58, but he is a lefty and should give the Cubs plenty of innings this coming season. Lilly is number 7 in the Cubs free agent signing binge joining Alfonso Soriano, Mark DeRosa, Aramis Ramirez, Kerry Wood, Wade Miller, and Henry Blanco. October 19th I wrote it would “take some doing to get Cubbie nation excited about the upcoming season”. Well the Cubs have really stoked the fire of the Hot Stove, I’m not sure about Cubbie nation but I am starting to get jacked up about the Cubs chances in 2007!

GM Jim Hendry and Manager Lou Piniella have really worked hard to raise the talent level for this coming year. Piniella has been actively recruiting Cubs free agent prospects with phone calls and it’s paying off as the team has thus far landed all the players it’s targeted. Of course the bundles of cash Hendry is doling out don’t hurt the cause. It’s been nice to see some of the Cubs own free agents, namely Ramirez and Wood sign with the team for less money than they could have received elsewhere.

Here’s wishing Jim Hendry a speedy recovery from the angioplasty procedure he had Wednesday night, word is he’s already working the phones. I wouldn’t be surprised if he signs another free agent from his hospital bed.


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