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Conversations With Cubs and More

By Tim Sheridan
March 31, 2022

Was great to see Seiya Suzuki get his first Cactus League hit yesterday, a moon shot HR to CF in the Cubs 8 to 5 win over the Mariners at Sloan Park.

Here is more information on my “Big Announcement.” The list below are some of the one-on-one filmed interviews I’ve done that are included in the film and video portion of my collection being sold as an NFT. (You don’t have to own, or use crypto to buy this collection) Below is just a sampling of some of the more than 100 interviews I’ve done.

Those with an asterisk * are exclusives I conducted, many of which have never been seen.

Dutchie Caray – 2003 Her home in Palm Springs, CA*
Extended interview with Harry Caray’s widow, talking all about Harry and his legacy, numerous inside stories about the legendary Cubs announcer

Shawon Dunston – 2007 Hohokam Park and 1997 Fitch Park*
Talks about his first year as a pro, hitting contests between him Grace, and Sandberg, also what it was like to come back to the Cubs after a year with the SF Giants

Bob Feller – 2009 Hohokam Park*
Hall of Fame Member – Talks about his 104 MPH fastball that was timed at Grant Park in Chicago, and about his favorite times playing ball back on the farm with his dad

Joe Girardi – 2002 Wrigley Field*
Talks about spring training, what is involved from a player’s perspective

Mark Grace – 1996 Fitch Park
Talks about how he approaches each year and what his personal goals are, how he relates to the other players on the team

Jim Hendry – 2003 Hohokam Park
Former Cubs General Manager, talks about minor league prospects, the Cubs chances in 2003 and what a GM’s job is all about

Pat Hughes – 2008 Hohokam Park*
Cubs Radio Announcer WGN – Talks about what it’s like to be a Cubs announcer, what he likes about each new year and how teams come together each spring

Randy Hundley – 2009 Hohokam Park and 2003 Fitch Park*
Talks about the 1969 team and why they lost out to the Mets, talks about what it was like to play for Leo (The Lip) Durocher

Ferguson Jenkins – 2008 At his home in AZ*
Hall of Fame Member – Extended interview nearly one hour, talks spring training, his no hitter, the 1969 team and reasons why they lost to Mets, being a Harlem Globetrotter, about the Chicago Riots…many topics covered

Still shot from my extended filmed interview with Fergie

Len Kasper – 2009, 2008, and 2006 Hohokam Park*
Former Cubs TV Announcer WGN/Comcast, Talks about what it’s like being with the Cubs, spring training differences between Florida and Arizona, what Cubs fans are like and their dedication to the team

Yosh Kawano – 2004 Winnetka, IL*
Possibly the only known sit-down interview with the longtime Cubs equipment manager who started with the team in the 1940’s and retired in 2008. Talked about the Cubs on Catalina Island and relationship with the Wrigley family. Stories about Leo Durocher and Frank Sinatra

Don Kessinger – 2009 Hohokam Park*
Talks about the 1969 team and how close knit the team was and the bad experience of the 1966 spring training in Long Beach, CA

Vince Lloyd – 2002 His home Green Valley, AZ*
Cubs broadcaster – Possibly the only known sit-down extended interview with the late Cubs announcer. Nearly 2 hours, many subjects covered, outstanding recall and storytelling, tells about Jack Brickhouse, the Wrigley family. The first live TV interview of a sitting president at a ballgame with JFK in 1962, much more

Gary (Sarge) Matthews – 2006 Hohokam Park*
Talks about the 1984 team and the time leading up to the first division championship in 40 years

Bruce Miles – 2003 Hohokam Park*
Former Cubs Beat Writer for the Daily Herald, talks about players, management, Arizona, spring training, and about changing a team’s attitude

Keith Moreland – 2009 Hohokam Park*
Talks about the 1984 division winning team and teammates and what it was like that spring

Buck O’Neal – 2006 Hohokam Park*
Hall of Fame Member – Legendary Negro League Player/Manager who was the first black MLB coach with the Cubs in 1962. Talks about the difference between what he did as the first black coach in MLB and what Jackie Robinson did as the first black player. Talks about spring at Rendezvous Park Mesa in the late 1950’s and 1960’s and a story about a very quiet rookie named Ernie Banks

Andy Pafko – 2004 Winnetka, IL*
Played in World Series Cubs team of 1945. Extended interview talked about many things including the Cubs 45 World Series, spring training on Catalina Island and West Baden Springs Indiana and how he loved playing the game

Cory Patterson – 2002 Wrigley Field*
What it was like as a young player in his first year, pranks pulled on him, his feelings about being a Cub

Lou Piniella – 2007 Fitch Park
Talks about the team attitude and what it will take to win in Chicago, about his Sports Illustrated cover photo with Alfonso Soriano

Ryne Sandberg – 1996 Fitch Park
Hall of Fame Member – Talks about his year off and what it’s like coming back to play, his renewed enthusiasm for baseball

Ron Santo – Several times, notably 2002 Wrigley Field*
Hall of Fame Member – Talks about how he almost quit baseball as a rookie, and many stories of his early days as a Cubs player

Sammy Sosa – 2002 Wrigley Field Locker Room*
Talks about Arizona heat, how AZ is a great place for training, how he signed his big contract there

Pete VonOchen – 2003 Peoria, IL*
Extended interview with Harry Caray’s best friend of 40 years, numerous inside stories about Harry and his escapades

Chuck Wasserstrom – 2003 Hohokam Park*
Former Cubs Manager of Baseball Information, talks about spring training and his role with the Cubs as well as dealing with players

Billy Williams — 2009 Hohokam Park and 2002 Wrigley Field*
Hall of Fame Member – Talks about the 1969 team, and about spring training conditions being like military barracks with scorpions, tells stories about Buck O’Neal with the Cubs

There is a minimum bid for this sale/auction. If you have serious interest, please reach out to [email protected]. I will put you in touch with my agent and you can get an inventory of items in the collection.

Keep a lookout for my next update and another peek at more of this one-of-a-kind, personal collection.

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