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A Gift on St. Patrick’s Day!

By Tim Sheridan
March 17, 2017

Ireland FlagSláinte and happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! The photo at the top of page is me and my brother Todd, enjoying a pint of the black in Kenmare, Ireland in 2008.

If you’ve read this blog on any March 17th since I started Boys of Spring thirteen years ago, you might recall that I come from Irish lineage. My family may be tipping some Guinness or Smithwick’s today, but that isn’t what St. Patrick’s Day is about. To me it’s about Irish heritage, culture, and family ties.

I’ve written some longer St. Patrick’s Day blogs in the past…Last year I wrote about the time when Cubs actually played baseball in Ireland, seven years ago I wrote about me playing in a Fergie Jenkins Charity baseball game on St. Patrick’s Day, and nine years ago, about my first trip to the Emerald Isle.

I know St. Patrick’s Day is kind of a big deal in Chicago. So it is only fitting that today you can get a FREE digital download of the Irish inspired Cubs rock ballad Clear The Way!  This tune was played during spring training at Sloan Park for the first time in 2015 when the Cubs surprised many of us with a 97 win season and playoff run. The track was then completely remastered and played at Sloan Park last spring before the historic World Series season! The song arrived with an attitude at the same time this current group of players was changing Cubs history – becoming winners!Cubs green hat

Clear The Way  is going to be featured in an upcoming documentary film. The song has a feel that brings to mind Irish legend Phil Lynott and his band Thin Lizzy, as well as powerful vocals reminiscent of the great Irish blues man Gary Moore. Some of the lyrics are even in Gaelic, Faugh a Ballagh, which is an Irish battle cry meaning – Clear the way.

The Cubs mojo is thick with this song, as a microphone Harry Caray sang Take Me Out To The Ballgame with was used in the recording. You can also hear the famed fire house Engine 78 (located across from Wrigley Field) truck sirens in the track.

The lyrics of Clear The Way speak to the changing mindset of the Cubs organization…Including a direct shot at the rival Cardinals –  “Come on Red birds and face your fears, show up with courage, but you leave in tears.” And perhaps an indirect shot at the White Sox – “We are the pride of the North and South.” At any rate, with HBO, Yahoo Music, and SendOwl alliance, today you get a FREE digital download of Clear The Way  for St. Patrick’s Day!  Just enter your email and download!

It also just so happens to be Chicago baseball day in the Valley of the Sun as the Cubs are playing the White Sox in Glendale this afternoon. It’s going to be warm one in the Valley (93 degrees), so drink some water along with that beer. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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