Hello Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo stepped out onto the Fitch Park fields today, as more Cubs continue to arrive in Mesa. Here’s a few shots I took. FYI, I will also post a blog this weekend about the up and coming minor league Cubs I’ve been watching over the past month and a half at Camp Bussy. ¬†Enjoy the pics!

Cubs Darwin Barney and Anthony Rizzo

Darwin Barney and Anthony Rizzo













David DeJesus

David DeJesus

Cubs Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo







Cubs Darwin Barney

Barney in cage

Cubs Anthony Rizzo



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3 Responses to Hello Rizzo

  1. sally jo smith says:

    thanks for all the wonderful pictures and commentary–would love to be there. Keep up the good work as many are counting on your daily pictures and information.

  2. sol says:

    thx for your blog. perfect way to start the day off. go cubs!

  3. SoCalCub says:

    Any reports that Barney put on more muscle? I’m hoping he can start keeping pitchers honest with more gap power, which would in turn increase his OBP with more walks. As said by others, thank you for your efforts.

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