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Not All the Cubs Have Left the Building

By Tim Sheridan
March 28, 2008

The Cubs are playing Vegas tonight, I have gone to those games in the past but tonight I will be at Hohokam Stadium for the Fergie & Friends game. Sure the quality of the play on the field won’t be at MLB level but it sure will be fun. Seeing all the Cubs greats and doing a special All-Star Public Address introduction for them will be sweet. It’s all for charity and only costs 10 bucks.

If you thought Alfonso Soriano was not giving it the full effort in the outfield this spring, you may be right. Here are his Alan Iverson-esque comments:

“it’s Spring Training and a lot of people aren’t concentrating 100 percent. They know these games don’t count. When the season starts, people will see more from this team. I think we have a very good team. On March 31, I think you’ll see more because those games count.”

I guess that’s why spring training tickets cost less, although the food and beer isn’t discounted. Sure would be nice if we didn’t have to pay “100 percent” of those costs. Really how hard is it to concentrate for the 6 or so innings these guys play in a spring game? I guess I’m old school in that you always do your best so those habits come thru when it counts. Perhaps I’m reading more into these comments than I should; the upside would be that Soriano will be playing better defense in leftfield come March 31st…I hope that’s the case.

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