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By Tim Sheridan
March 3, 2017

Balancing life and baseball as a Cub Fan.
Balancing life and baseball as a Cub Fan.

One of my favorite Cubs bloggers is Tim Souers at Cubby Blue. I enjoy Tim’s blog because it’s an expression of his life and art with the Cubs being the unifying theme. Today Tim’s blog/art “Balancing life and baseball as a Cubs fan” is something I can totally identify with…Especially true for me this time of year with the Cubs in Mesa. I love being busy and it’s a lot more fun when that busy schedule includes going to see the Cubs on a daily basis.

David Ross apparently is a lot busier now then when he was playing baseball according to this article. Between playing basketball with the Globetrotters, working with the Cubs, ESPN, and being on Dancing With The Stars, seems like Grandpa Rossy’s everywhere. There’s also a very short video with the article showing some of GRossy’s hoop skills, or lack thereof.

I’m going to get busy and head to Sloan Park and announce the Cubs vs the Reds today. Game time 1:05 pm AZ time. Mesa weather today – partly cloudy with a high temp of 80 degrees. That sounds just about perfect! See ya at Sloan!

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