Chicago Cubs Spring Training

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Welcome to Boys of Spring and Sheridan’s Blog. The statements, views, and opinions reflected on this website are my own, and do not reflect the opinions of the Chicago Cubs or Major League Baseball. Spring training 2017 is the 13th year Boys of Spring offers Cubs fans a multi-media inside look at Chicago Cubs spring training. Tim Sheridan, a Cubs fanatic who also happens to be the spring training public address announcer at Sloan Park is your tour guide.

2017 will mark the 34th consecutive year Tim welcomes Cubs fans to sunny Mesa from his P.A. mic. Tim’s longevity behind the mic seems all the more remarkable given that he claims to be only 38 years old. Regardless of his age, Tim considers the six to eight weeks the Cubs spend in Mesa each February and March to be his spring break. Many spring breakers spend their time hanging out, soaking up rays and drinking beer. Not Tim, he’s hard at work for Cubs fans!

Thirteen years ago Tim created this website to give Cubs fans a first look at their “Boys of Spring” as they prepare for the regular season. Here at Sheridan’s Blog you will find unique photos, videos, and game rundowns, as well as reports and observations on your Cubs from Sloan Park. Sheridan’s Blog is also one of Tim’s creative outlets, so you may run into just about anything here ranging from music videos, to quotes from Bill James or Walter Sobchak, to a photo of one of Arizona’s brilliant sunsets.  Cubs spring training is a world unto itself and no one covers it better, or more colorfully, than Tim. So if you are stuck in the Midwest this winter and can’t make it to the Cactus League, stop by Sheridan’s Blog to cure that seasonal affective disorder with a dose of sun, fun, and Cubs baseball.

After last year’s World Series Championship, the 2017 Cubs are without a doubt, one of baseball’s most exciting teams. Be sure to follow Tim on Twitter or Facebook for the latest first hand info on the Cubs this spring. This is going to a spring to remember, so don’t miss a minute of the action!