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Barrier Breakers

"We knew it wasn’t right, but we saw it as unchangeable part of the world. Jackie didn’t see it that way."

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Javy, Grandpa Rossy, and The Hawk

Before Sunday's night game against Kansas City at Sloan Park I had the opportunity to chat with former Cubs Willie Wilson and one of my all-time favorite players, The Hawk - Andre Dawson!


Let’s Rally At Sloan Park

The gates to Sloan Park open at 10 a.m. The concession stands, team shop and music open at 11 a.m. Here is more info on the event, in which Joe Maddon and some of the Cubs players will also say a few words on stage at about noon.

Historical Players

Get On The Buss, It’s An Experience

If you are visiting the Mesa/Phoenix area for spring training and want to take in some interesting baseball history, you should visit the Arizona Spring Training Experience and Cactus League Hall of Fame's new free exhibit at The Gallery at Scottsdale Civic Center Library. Some great Cubs photos by John Antonoff! More.

Historical Players

Curses, Manny, Rizz & Ry

I try not to read articles about Cubs curses and the rest of that baloney, but sometimes I get sucked in. Like when Sports Illustrated did an interview yesterday with a Chicago Psychologist...

Historical Players

About Last Night

I knew I would be toasting Harry Caray at 5:30 PM (AZ time) yesterday as part of the 18th Annual Worldwide Toast to Harry Caray. What I didn't realize ahead of time is that I would be doing it with Peter and Britt from Sweden.


The Cub University

Earlier this spring Cubs Manager Joe Maddon spoke of The Cub University, he said it could be a “liberal arts education in baseball.”

Historical Players

Baseball Generations

There is so much going on in Cubs world these days: The passing of former Cubs manager and coach Don Zimmer, the MLB Draft (Cubs hold the 4th pick), a new radio deal, Wrigley renovations now on hold, prospect Kris Bryant destroying the Southern League...