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What an incredible game last night, a game that really seemed appropriate for this special Cubs season. The team overcoming adversity, as guru Joe talks about often...

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Rocking With The Cubs & Theo To The World Series

I'm ready, the Cubs are ready, Cubs Universe is ready, and this is the year! And because of all this amazing synergy, I've decided that we will extend our Clear The Way fundraiser for the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation until the Cubs win the World Series this year! That's right, as long as the Cubs are playing baseball in the 2016 post season, ALL PROCEEDS from downloads of our rocking Cubs anthem will go to the Anthony Rizzo Foundation! Read more...

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Curses, Manny, Rizz & Ry

I try not to read articles about Cubs curses and the rest of that baloney, but sometimes I get sucked in. Like when Sports Illustrated did an interview yesterday with a Chicago Psychologist...


Music For The Cause

For the first time ever we are offering the original Cubs rock anthem, Clear The Way for digital download...but what's more important, for the next 10 days (through October 8, including the Cubs first two playoff games) ALL PROCEEDS from every download will go to the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation!