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Take a Swing for Ron and JDRF

It’s been a tough stretch for the Cubs of late, nine straight losses, multiple injuries, and the retirement of Kerry Wood. Sure Kerry had not pitched well this season, but it’s a bittersweet taste knowing that Kid K’s up and down ride with the…

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Building the Future – The Cubs Way

Last week it was announced that the Cubs plan to tentatively break ground on the new $100 million dollar plus spring training facility here in Mesa on July 11th. Of course, this is a somewhat ceremonial gesture as work is…

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Today a W

Yes, I promised a blog today about the new Cubs spring training complex, but other work got in the way. Then I started to write the blog while watching the Cubs vs Cardinals game, and was sidetracked by the game….

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A Martini to Celebrate Shark Month

Let me answer your first question; No, I did not fall off the face of the earth. How does one do that anyway? What I have been doing is working a lot. That, however, is no excuse for lack of…

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